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UAE Pro League
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Ittihad Kalba knock Al Orooba out of pro league cup and proceed to quarter finals

Ittihad Kalba have made their way into UAE Pro League Cup Quarter finals despite losing 1-0 to Al Orooba in the return leg of the competition's first round, thanks to their first leg landslide victory.


Kalba had already secured a wide 4-0 lead at home that left them with just finishing touches to put in the return leg for their qualification.


Al Orooba's only goal was scored in the 32nd from Nashid Abdul Qadir's header that hit the crossbar first and then the ground inches past Kalba's goal line giving the hosts a slight hope they could come back into the game.


However, Al Orooba's progress stopped at their lone goal as they couldn't find Kalba's back of the net again granting the visitors their ticket to the last eight round.

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