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South American trio pivotal to Bani Yas successful campaign

Bani Yas exhibited exemplary teamwork throughout the 2020-21 Arabian Gulf League season, yet the formidable talent of South American trio Joao Pedro, Gaston Suarez, and Nicolas Gimenez played a pivotal role in the success of the Sky Blues.


Brazilian forward Joao Pedro was at the heart of Bani Yas's most promising moments this season after scoring 18 goals in 16 different matches out of 24 appearances. He netted two braces and scored a goal in each of the 14 remaining matches, helping his side seal key wins and snatch crucial points.


Besides finding the back of the net 18 times, Pedro provided three assists, made 60 successful tackles, and was involved in 132 aerial duels.


Although the current season marked their Arabian Gulf League debut, the Argentine duo Gaston Suarez and Nicolas Gimenez showcased great chemistry in midfield and helped put Bani Yas a step away from the league title.


Gimenez was effective in the final third as he netted eight goals, compared to four goals by Suarez, who had a different role in midfield. Gimenez made five assists and 39 key passes, while Suarez contributed six assists and 41 key passes.

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