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Mahdi Ali: We Have Great Experience in Finals, and Concentration is Key to Victory

Shabab Al Ahli head coach Mahdi Ali insisted his side will count on their experience in final matches to drive them in Wednesday’s Pro League Cup final against Al Ain on Wednesday.




“We want to achieve a positive result in the Pro League Cup final, especially because it is the only competition we are competing for this season, and all the players, the technical and administrative staff in Shabab Al Ahli are determined to reach their target," said Ali.



Speaking at the pre-match conference, Ali stressed that small details always decide the finals, and the team that is more focused and calmer will be closer to claiming the title.



"Luck plays an important role in these encounters and I hope it will be on our side to win tomorrow's clash," he added.
"We have played several matches in the last period, and the starting line-up will have no surprises as both teams know each other very well.



Today, we will decide whether Federico Cartabia is ready for the match or not. As for Majed Hassan, he is out of the squad due to his injury in the AFC Champions League and he will be out for a while. Hopefully, he will be ready to play for the national team next month," the Shabab Al Ahli manager explained.



Discussing Omar Abdulrahman's angry reaction after being substituted off in the previous game, he said that "we should not exaggerate the matter; all players want to play the whole match, no player likes to be substituted.



It is a normal reaction as he is gradually returning to full action," he added.



He noted that tomorrow’s match is totally different to ADNOC Pro League's matches.



“We rotate the starting XI to ensure some players are ready and giving rest for the others after their great effort in the AFC Champions League.



We have a great experience in finals and playing against Al Ain three days ago does not give an advantage to either team," he added.



"I hope we put on a good performance that befits the event, and I wish all the best luck to my team,” concluded Ali.



Salmin Khamis: Winning the Title Against Al Ain is our Target


Shabab Al Ahli defender Salmin Khamis said that his team are solely focused on winning ahead of their match against Al Ain in the Pro League Cup final on Wednesday.



"The match is a special one and the presence of fans of both teams adds joy and excitement to the occasion.




Final matches depend on mental presence, as the team with the most mental presence will have the upper hand in the match, and I hope that we have the best luck tomorrow," he concluded.



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