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UAE Pro League
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Inline with its fan engagement strategy aimed at increasing awareness towards its competitions, the UAE Pro League launches ‘the UAEPL Arena’

Starting last week, the UAE Pro League kicked off the ‘School Tour’ as part of its commitment to community activities and grassroots program.


The unique initiative will enable schools to become beckons for raising awareness towards sport activities and healthy lifestyle throughout the season.


The ‘ Tour’ features various sports and entertainment activities engaging kids of various age groups introducing them to competitions and motivating them to attend matches organized by the UAE Pro League.


The activity will bring together students of all nationalities and ages and get them involved in the activities of the UAE Pro League .



The first phase of the ‘Schools Tour’ has already taken off in the emirate of Abu Dhabi where representatives of the Pro League and its marketing partners visited the ADNOC Schools in the Sas Al Nakhl area.


The UAEPL Arena will move next to the Emirates National Schools between November 28 to 30 and then to ADNOC schools in the Al Dhafrah region from December 5 to 7.


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