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UAE Pro League
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UAE Pro League launches new website, mobile app

The UAE Pro League launched its new website and new mobile app, Arabian Gulf League, as part of its new digital ecosystem, which aims to offer fans a coherent and engaging experience, while allowing them to stay up to date.

The new website and mobile app are based on a dynamic and clear design that focuses on increasing interaction and improving engagement with the fans. This move aligns with the UAE Pro League’s strategy, which focuses on providing fans with a unique and comprehensive experience.

Through a new and easy-to-use design, the website and the mobile app include an array of features that provide users with access to all updates related to the Pro League and its competitions wherever they are, from fixtures dates and results to real-time comparisons of clubs’ and players’ statistics. The new digital ecosystem collates information about matches in every detail, including goal alert and match notification features, and a Match Center that gives fans the opportunity to follow the matches’ updates in real-time.

The tools, which are available on both the website and the mobile app, will enable fans to register and access a personalized profile page, where they can choose their favorite team, and get content tailored to their specific interests. Fans also have the option to add all of their favorite team's fixtures to their phone calendar.

All content listed on the website will be available on the mobile app, which is available for download on Android and iOS. Available in Arabic and English, the mobile app also promotes interaction between fans via its social integration tool, which allows for easy sharing across major social platforms.

The app includes an inquiries section through which fans can report any problems they face.

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