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UAE Pro League


Data capture

Official Adnoc Pro League performance data is collected and analysed by Stats Perform (

Live data is collected by a three-person team covering each match. Two highly trained analysts use a proprietary video-based collection system to gather information on what happens every time a player touches the ball, which player it was and where on the pitch the action occurred.

Alongside them, a quality control analyst has the ability to rewind the video feed frame-by-frame in order to make certain that the information being distributed is as precise and consistent as possible.

All the Arabian Gulf League data collected is then subject to an exhaustive post-match check to ensure accuracy.



  • The number of goals calculated in the ranking table represents the results approved for the matches either by the actual match result or by a disciplinary decision, while the number of goals calculated in the statistics represents the actual number of goals scored at the time of the match, regardless of the approved match result.
  • All information, statistics, and data on the site and/or the App are only for statistical purposes. They may contain human and/or technical errors and cannot be considered for official purposes by any party or person.
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