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UAE Pro League
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UAE Pro League amends the start date of ADNOC Pro League's second round

As the curtain is about to go down on the first half of ADNOC Pro League match-days, UAE Pro League has changed the commence date for the second round's kick-off in a manner that fits the schedule of the national team.



UAEPL has revealed that the beginning of February will witness the kick-off of the league's second round instead of January 18 as previously decided, in response to a request submitted by the national team committee, and following several collaborative meetings UAEPL has held with the representatives of the national team and the competitions' officials.


The PL has finally decided to approve the request of the national team committee so as to give international players a chance to spend as much time together as possible before their 2022 World Cup qualifier set to take place in January, while exact dates of ADNOC Pro League's round two and UAE pro league cup games are to be announced soon.

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