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Rebrov: We Eye Winning UAE Super Cup Trophy

Al Ain head coach Serhiy Rebrov said he called upon his players to play seriously to win the UAE Super Cup title.

"Our goal is to achieve victory, and we will play to claim the title because the Super Cup is very important for us," the Ukrainian manager said during the pre-match press conference.

"I called upon all the players to fight for winning the Super Cup trophy," he added.

"We understand our problems. Every training session, we're trying to work with the players, and we're trying to work with our mistakes, and we're moving forward. I hope tomorrow we score more than we concede," Rebrov concluded.

On his part, Al Ain midfielder Bandar Al Ahbabi said, "We have enough experience to play such games, and our goal is to claim the UAE Super Cup trophy."

"The UAE Pro League was the one who selected Al Maktoum Stadium for the Super Cup match, not Al Ain, and we are mainly focusing on the game," he asserted.

"We'll play this game to make our fans happy, and we're focusing on clinching the trophy," Al Ahbabi concluded.

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