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UAE Pro League
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UAE Pro League Roadshow features at ADNOC Marathon

The second week of the UAE Pro League roadshow for the season 20/21 continued featuring its participation in the third edition of Abu Dhabi ADNOC Marathon; A participation that solidifies the league’s objectives in promoting football as a key driver for community engagement in the UAE.


The participation will help educate the mainstream about the league, its professional teams and promote a healthy lifestyle for all residents on the United Arab Emirates.


UAE Pro League's Arena took center stage in the “sports village” facing ADNOC headquarters in Abu Dhabi and witnessed an Amazing fan turnout, as visitors enjoyed participating in various sports and entertainment activities tailored to meet the expectations of all family members.


The Sports Village welcomed visitors from November 22 to 26th, with the international marathon-taking place Friday 26th on Abu Dhabi corniche. In addition to the UAEPL Arena, The Village hosted the event's sponsors and supporters, fitness sessions, kid areas, music and art shows.


The UAE Pro League presence in community events targets enriching communication channels with various age groups, interacting with the fans more effectively, and introducing them to the competitions in order to drive attendance to its matches.


The league also aims at involving visitors of all ages and nationalities in its events as part of its health education plan, and to raise awareness on the importance of practicing sports for the well-being of individuals, so as to help build a more active and healthy society.


The enormous sports event, sponsored by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) under the slogan "Run in Abu Dhabi", saw 12 thousand contenders of different ages and social segments ,as well as a set of professional runners from around the world, participate in the third edition of the ADNOC Marathon.


A major 42.2 km race was held in addition to several 10 km, 5 km, and 2.5 km running contests to encourage the participation of everyone in the city of Abu Dhabi, and send a message on how important it is to adopt sports as part of the daily lifestyle due to the positive effect it can have on the well-being and fitness level of everyone.

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