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UAE Pro League announces “Hope Probe” round in Arabian Gulf Cup

The UAE Pro League announced that the first leg of the Arabian Gulf Cup semi-final will be held on Tuesday, February 9th, under the slogan “Hope Probe”, in conjunction with the arrival of the Hope probe to Mars’ orbit.


The Hope Probe slogans will be displayed, along with visual effects, on the giant screens and the electronic screens at the Al Maktoum and Zabeel stadiums, which are scheduled to host the Al Nasr and Ittihad Kalba and Al Wasl and Shabab Al Ahli matches, respectively.


His Excellency Abdulla Naser Al-Jneibi, UAE Pro League chairman, expressed his profound appreciation and gratitude to the wise leadership on this occasion, which represents a source of pride, inspiration and belonging to the UAE, which has become the first Arab and Islamic country and one of only nine countries in the world to send a probe to Mars, in a step that confirms the leadership's support for science, development and future planning with ambition and determination.


Al-Jneibi stressed that the national cadres who supervised and executed the Hope probe makes us even more proud. They were supported by the rational and visionary leadership who provides the UAE citizens with unlimited support in order to develop knowledge, scientific research, space applications that benefit mankind and establish a sustainable knowledge-based economy that promotes diversification and encourages innovation.


Al-Jneibi said that holding the first leg of the Arabian Gulf Cup semi-final under the slogan "Hope Probe" sends a message to younger generations that they are capable of building the future and achieving big dreams in an ambitious country where nothing is impossible.

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