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UAE Pro League reviews developments of licensing amendments, strategic plan

The UAE Pro League held, on Wednesday, January 13th, its periodic meeting with the chief executives of professional clubs via video conferencing, which was headed by UAE Pro League CEO Waleed Al Hosani.


During the meeting, the UAE Pro League’s training program was reviewed. The program aims to provide trainings to support and develop the clubs’ administrative staff, through specialized courses in line with the best international practices.


The program targets several jobs including, chief executives, human resources managers, marketing managers, and media and social media managers in clubs. It is planned that all administrative positions will be covered by 2025 and will be paired with a career guide and specialized training for new employees.


The meeting continued by reviewing the licensing sector, and presenting the main changes related to the club licensing regulations for the 2021-2022 cycle, in accordance with financial standards and internal amendments, in addition to other requirements in the licensing system, including changing the marketing standards criteria to grade "A", which is mandatory to all clubs. As for the creation of women's teams in professional clubs by February 28th, 2021, it was changed to the optional "C" grade, and the club's strategic plan by May 30th was also changed to the optional "C" grade.


In the same context, the meeting also reviewed the license exceptions for the 2021-22 round, resulting from the absence of football activities for the U-12 teams, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the failure to reopen the private academies after the resumption of sports activity, and accordingly, the youngsters activities were reduced from four to two activities only.


The meeting included an overview of the initiatives and projects approved in the 2020-2030 strategic plan, with its details set to be announced in the upcoming period. The meeting also reviewed the technical developments related to the match protocol, and the second half of the season agenda proposal, as the UAE Pro League is expected to announce the schedule of the second half of the Arabian Gulf League season in the next few days.


In this regard, UAE Pro League CEO Waleed Al Hosani praised the clubs’ efforts during the past period in implementing all precautionary measures to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, and said, “we are on the verge of completing the first half of the 2020-2021 sports season. Thanks to the efforts and commitment of everyone and the adherence to the match protocol, all matches went smoothly in an atmosphere that guarantees health and safety for all members of the community, and we look forward to continue working towards the success of the sports season."


Al Hosani thanked the clubs for their efforts during the past periods, and since the start of the competitions, saying they contributed to the success of the return of sporting activity.

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