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Sarwa and UAE Pro League Announce Partnership

Sarwa, the Middle East’s leading digital investment platform, announced partnering with the UAE Pro League as their digital wealth management partner.


This partnership will enable both parties to take active roles in spreading financial and investment education across the teams and the region. Both the UAE Pro League and Sarwa see this partnership as an opportunity to address the overall investment culture in the UAE by spreading financial literacy and discussing the best ways to handle money. 



“The information to make smart financial decisions should be available for all,” said Sarwa’s CEO and co-founder, Mark Chahwan, “it has been at the core of our mission in Sarwa to make investing easy, accessible, and affordable for everyone. Thousands of clients already trust Sarwa to grow their money and build a better future, and we have no doubt that this partnership with the UAE Pro League will fuel the democratisation of financial tools even more.



"The philosophy behind it is simple: you work hard for your money, you should put your money to work for you. The passion for football in the UAE connects fans from every corner. This is a great way for us to reach a wider segment of the population. It’s a healthy physical lifestyle partnered with a healthy financial lifestyle.”



One of the UAE Pro League’s main focuses for this year is to provide its players with the right tools to achieve financial well-being throughout their careers and beyond.



”We partner with companies that are leaders in their industry and with those that align with our mission. We are excited to work with Sarwa to drive financial literacy to the wider football community, and drive positive change to all the players, fans, and youth in the region. Sarwa is boldly tackling financial education by demystifying investment and making it available for anyone to put their money to work, with tools that are low cost and easy to use. It’s the way to build for a better future.” Said Waleed Al Hosani, CEO of the UAE Pro League.


Since launching to consumers in February 2018, Sarwa continues to revolutionise financial products. Sarwa Invest provides its clients with hands-off investing built on long-term globally diversified portfolios. The account minimum to start is as low as $5 for the conventional portfolios. Sarwa Invest offers a range of risk levels and portfolio types such as Halal and Socially Responsible portfolios. Sarwa Trade is a zero-commission self-directed trading service with zero transfer fees for local accounts, and an account minimum of just $1. The Sarwa app simplifies investing with an intuitive design, low fees, low minimums, and access to human advisors who offer incredible support. 



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