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UAE Pro League
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Arabian Gulf League U21 season to end on April 28

The UAE Pro League announced the rescheduling of the remaining Arabian Gulf League U21 matches, exploiting the current Arabian Gulf League break due to the teams’ AFC Champions League commitments between April 14th and 30th.


The new schedule will see the Arabian Gulf League U21 season end on April 28th, with all matches being held on the same day in each of the final three matchweeks. Matchweek 24 will now be held on Friday, April 16th, followed by matchweek 25 on Thursday, April 22nd and the season shall end with matchweek 26 on Wednesday, April 28th.


The UAE Pro League had communicated the rescheduling proposal with the professional clubs, and 13 clubs agreed to reschedule the remaining matches of the Arabian Gulf League U21 season.

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