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UAE Pro League
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UAE Pro League launches comprehensive fan survey

Football supporters in the UAE are given the opportunity to make their voice heard


The UAE Pro League has launched an in-depth fan survey as part of its efforts to understand the behaviors of football fans in the UAE and improve the stadium experience.


The survey recognizes the fans’ integral role in sustaining the sport, especially in today’s challenging times, and gives them the opportunity to share their opinions on the future of professional football in the UAE. It seeks to capture a comprehensive view of fan behaviors and interests and examine a range of issues, including the desires and concerns of both local and expat football fans in the UAE. 


The UAE Pro League aims to conduct a wide-range survey and will engage with all segments of fans across the UAE, either through a research agency or direct contact via email or social media.


The in-depth data and survey insights will help identify fans’ expectations, and preferences and enable the UAE Pro League to shape and implement their fan engagement strategies to deliver football fans in the UAE with the best possible stadium experience.  


The market research will be conducted by the UAE Pro League in conjunction with an innovative start-up that brings together the influential field of nudging (behavioral economics) with the power of data science (statistics and machine learning). It combines top-level management experience with scientific rigor to come up with innovative, science-led, human-centered solutions to drive change for good.


To take part in the survey, click here

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