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UAE Pro League
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"Limitless Determination" is the motto of ADNOC Pro League's tenth week

UAE Pro League has announced the tenth week of ADNOC Pro League set to take place on November 20-21, will hold up the motto "Limitless Determination" in an initiative launched by the Pro League in collaboration with Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination.


The initiative comes in response to an invitation from the organizing committee of UAE golden jubilee targeting the inclusion of all individuals and institutes in the celebratory events and festive atmosphere of the UAE 50th anniversary.


"Limitless Determination" initiative aims at demonstrating the abilities and skills of people of determination as well as promoting their product through videos that will be played on the screens of stadiums hosting ADNOC Pro League's tenth week games, and posted on different social media platforms.


Players and referees will be dressed in shirts designed and made by people of determination to show the level of quality these determined people can provide.


UAE Pro League has always been eager to launch and participate in such communal initiatives in the belief that football can send very meaningful and profound messages to fans of all ages and nationalities.

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